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Protein Powders

Champion Pure Whey 5lb
Designer Whey 5lb
Interactive Soy 525 g
Magnum Quattro 2lb
Magnum Quattro 5lb
Muscle Milk Powder 2.47 lb
Optimum Whey Gold Standard 5lb
P/G Whey 2 Protein 2lb
P/G Whey 2 Protein 5lb
Prairie Natural Hemp Force 400g
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P/G Whey 2 Protein 5lb

Our Price: $79.99

One of the biggest misconceptions in purchasing whey protein is the confusion between an isolate and a concentrate. A true isolate will begin working in 15 minutes after ingesting, with 85% of the protein being absorbed into your body. A whey concentrate begins working in 45 minutes after ingesting, with 50-60% of the protein being absorbed into your body. Why waste protein during consumption? Why waste money on concentrate? Many companies advertise on the label claiming the product to be a Whey Isolate, however the first ingredient listed is a whey concentrate. Always check the label to make sure the first ingredient listed is Whey Isolate. Pharmaceutical Grade Whey2 - 97% Pure Whey Protein Isolate

The main protein source in Whey2 is Cross Flow Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate. Often referred to as the "Ultimate Protein" CFM Whey Protein has an outstanding biological value and absorption rate and protein percentage while retaining perfect balance of protein.

-- Burn Fat

-- Build Muscle

-- Rich in Glutamine

-- Improves Recovery/recuperation

-- Helps bolster and strengthen immune system

-- Mixes easily

-- Tastes Great

-- Manufactured in GMP certified facility for quality assurance.

If you're looking for the best protein, Whey2 is the #1 choice.

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